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As a business owner, you’ve probably recognized the importance of having your company connected to the digital world, including the way that you process payments.

While the idea of setting up electronic payment processing and dealing with its costs can be overwhelming, Global Merchant Partners is committed to helping your business adapt to the newest and most relevant merchant service technologies, walking you through it step by step. At GMP, we offer the most advantageous credit card processing solutions for our clients, utilizing our payment technology experts to deliver your best fit. Without even knowing it, many small businesses are being overcharged for their debit and credit card transactions. It is our business to put an end to that. We work hard to deliver the highest increase in gross profits and retained earnings, to our Delaware clients.

We have made it our mission to level the playing field for businesses by, first, educating them on the true cost of accepting credit card payments, then letting them decide for themselves which merchant services model is best for them; traditional processing or zero cost credit. Contact us today if you’re ready to take control of your payment processing costs.

Merchant Services

Zero Cost Credit

Our zero-cost credit card processing solution is simple. Your business keeps 100% of each and every credit card sale. That’s it. Sell $100, you make $!00. Your customers are given the option to choose debit (their no-fee option) or pay the credit card fee themselves. More retained earnings for your Delaware business and less surcharge guesswork to deal with. Give us a call or visit our zero cost credit page.

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Credit card payment processing on POS system

Traditional Processing

With traditional credit and debit card processing, the business pays all fees associated with the transaction. While fees are a given, Global Merchant Partners wants you to know that you still have choices; a lot of them. We work with you, our Delaware clients, to find which card processing systems will benefit your business the most. Get in touch with us to learn more about your options.


Point of Sale Systems

Whether your point-of-sales are happening online, at your brick-and-mortar location, or both, GMP can match you up with the best system for your company. In today’s businesses, point-of-sale systems are more than just a simple cash register. They consist of hardware (card reader, cash register, and receipt printer) AND software, which can help you handle your company’s marketing, payroll, accounting, and inventory. There are POS systems tailored to your specific business:


A retail point-of-sale system offers solutions for both e-commerce and physical locations. Many of these systems are technologically advanced enough to manage payroll and accounting in addition to your daily end-of-day reports. We’d love to discuss the options available for your business. Contact us today.


Restaurant POS systems have the ability to coordinate both the front-of-house and back-of-house activities. These systems can be customized for specific types of eateries, like food trucks, delis, and full-service restaurants and can even include kiosks where customers place their own orders. Let’s talk about the best fit for your restaurant.

Consumer Financing by FlexxBuy

GMP is proud to partner with FlexxBuy, a retail consumer financing option that is flexible enough to work for the full spectrum of customers. This lending product is inexpensive and available with no credit check. Give your business a competitive edge by giving your customers options that your competition is not. GMP can get you connected. Give us a call.

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Gift Cards

While a gift card programs may not be top of mind for your Delaware business, they are actually a great way to increase sales and can serve as a branding tool. They take very little effort on the part of business owner and allow the customer the option of an easy decision when shopping. Gift cards are also proven to increase customer spending and bring in new customers. They can even be sold directly through your point-of-sale system, either online or in-store. Get in touch with us and we’ll get you set up.

Payroll Solutions by ADP

Once your small business has grown to the point of hiring help, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to handle payroll. With ADP, payroll is effortless and able to be run by phone, web, or mobile app, giving you more time to focus on your thriving business. GMP recommends this product to our clients because it is the best and the simplest product for small businesses to manage payroll and taxes. Talk to us to get more details.

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