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Independent Merchant Services - Our Story | Global Merchant Partners

Our Story

Global Merchant Partners, LLC (GMP) is an independent merchant services brokerage firm, specializing in the design and placement of high-quality merchant services solutions, which offer clients the highest increase in gross profits and retained earnings.

Founded by Toby Guinn, Sr. in 2009, GMP was created to be something different: a merchant services company that would offer transparency and fair rates, and would actually educate its clients, not just try to sell them something.

In 2014, Toby met Aprile and showed her the truth of what she was paying in merchant processing fees – it amounted to another person’s salary. A partnership was created when Aprile came on board after calling all of her businesses and converting them over to Global Merchant Partners as well. The feeling of taking something that was wrong and making it right was so good that she wanted to do it every day.

Together, they create a team of payment technology experts who work hard getting to know local Delaware business owners and build trusting relationships with their clients by delivering their best fit in merchant services and top-notch customer service. Their shared outrage over the knowledge that processing companies are taking advantage of merchants by intentionally overcharging them is what truly bonds them.

Global Merchant Partners is tired of the system that is set up to make sure processors are winning big, while small businesses are being swindled without even knowing that they have other options. GMP prices deals so that the businesses win for once.

Our clients are some of the most recognizable family-owned businesses in the tri-state area, including chambers of commerce, trade groups, multi-location restaurant chains, lawyers, doctors, nonprofits, and e-commerce companies. GMP knows that while the payment processing needs of each business may vary, one thing remains constant: the critical need to increase earnings.

Mission Statement

Global Merchant Partners has made it their mission to increase your company’s gross profits and retained earnings by cutting merchant processing fees.

Independent Merchant Services

Toby Guinn Sr.

Director of Sales and Business Development

“There are parallels in business and in life where the two intersect. People want to know who they are doing business with, because at the end of the day, the client is really buying you. Relationships matter. People matter.”

Toby Guinn Sr. is a driven entrepreneur who has had a rich and varied career, having spent decades building and running successful companies. His success in business has always been forged around his love for people and strong relationships with customers. Before he reached the age of 30, Toby owned one of the largest dealerships for IBM business equipment, putting him on the map as one of very few successful young entrepreneurs at the time.

He has a passion for building into his community and makes it his mission to fundraise for those programs he invests his time into.

He later founded Guinn Associates Inc., an insurance agency that ranked in the insurance industry’s coveted Million Dollar Round Table for nearly all of their 28 years in operation. Toby has served on many boards over the years, including those of the Special Olympics, MADD, YMCA Delaware, and several others.

Toby values relationships above all, finding common ground and propelling the people he meets on to bigger and better things. Toby is a beach lover with a laidback lifestyle and an avid high school sports fan with a keen eye for local talent. He is frequently spotted sitting high atop the bleachers at state and local high-profile basketball tournaments.

Independent Merchant Services

Aprile Parella

Director of Operations and Marketing

“Most businesses overpay for their payment processing terminals and point of sale systems simply because they have nothing to compare it to. They are only presented with one proposal for hardware or gateway solution at the time of launching their business. We create value for our clients, offering multiple equipment solutions and multiple ways to pay, using our wholesale equipment partners. Our clients never overpay for payment processing equipment.”

She uses her tech skills to pair GMP clients with their best-fit payment technologies.

Since joining GMP in 2014, Aprile serves in a dual role, as the firms eagle-eye operations and as marketing manager. A self-described techy, Aprile loves digging into payment technology and hardware.

Before joining Global Merchant Partners, Aprile was managing partner and founder of Roxy Communications, where she led digital performance marketing strategy for her clients. Aprile has over a decade of experience in the field of performance marketing for both national and global retail brands such as JP Morgan Chase, (WWRD brands) Waterford Crystal, Wedgewood, and many more. She, joined with her colleagues, won the coveted Golden Links Award twice for marketing strategy and program manager of the year, respectively.

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